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Mergers and Acquisitions

As China's economy increasingly integrates into the world economy, corporate mergers and acquisitions have become more popular with companies as a means to gain corporate presence in china or to dispose of assets in order to better focus on core competencies. we are well experienced in a large variety of transactions in M&A practice. Our Mergers & Acquisitions Practice incorporates our foreign direct investment, securities, tax, IP and employment expertise for the benefit of our clients in the form of due diligence, legal advice, negotiations, and the preparation of legal documentation for the acquisition and disposition of businesses and assets. We represent acquirers, target companies, financial advisors and major shareholders in a wide variety of industries and in all types of transactions

With a growing group of mature foreign investment enterprises in China in recent years, the mergers and acquisitions business in our firm has developed dramatically. We have assisted lots of multinational companies in conducting mergers and acquisitions in China and most of the target companies are large private companies, state-owned enterprises and foreign investment firms. In this area, we can provide legal services on mergers, bankruptcy and re-organization, whether or not under the auspices of government, for legal persons and other business entities; make merger plans; settle legal matters in the merger process; make bankruptcy plans, including introduction of enterprise’s basic status, credits and debts status, bankruptcy preliminary plans and other documents; review reasons for bankruptcy and assets disposition plans; make re-organization plans; review value and components of re-organized assets; arrange debts and credits; also, provide other services in legal and policy aspects for legal persons and other business entities on merger, bankruptcy and re-organization, undertaking guidance, auxiliary work.

We help you determine whether a merger or acquisition is appropriate for your company by:

  • Conducting preliminary discussions;
  • Assessing the probability of success;
  • Identifying candidates;
  • Financial forecasting;
  • Overseeing and facilitating negotiations;
  • Developing long-range business and marketing plans;
  • Evaluating the desirability of new (or existing) branch offices;
  • Evaluating and assisting your firm's technology and office systems;
  • Coordinating your firm's systems and procedures; and
  • Analyzing facilities and space utilization needs.

Areas of Expertise:
· Designing and optimizing transaction structures, onshore and offshore
· Conducting legal due diligence investigations
· Drafting and negotiating term sheets, drafting equity and asset acquisition, merger, spin-off and split-up and related agreements
· Assisting in information disclosure, governmental filings, approvals, and registrations

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