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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We realizes that running a successful business in China requires the ability to quickly and competently resolve all types of disputes, especially litigation. Being knowledgeable in both domestic and international methods of dispute resolution allows our team to solve client problems with an unparalleled level of efficiency.
Dispute resolution is another important area of practice for our firm.  We has represented clients in litigation and arbitration proceedings involving various types of disputes.  We are qualified to practice in courts of all levels and our lawyers regularly appear before arbitration institutions or tribunals both inside and outside of China as counsels or legal experts.  We also represent clients in administrative dispute resolution and administrative indemnity actions.  Over the years, our dispute resolution team has gained a wealth of experience in handling complex commercial disputes, especially those involving foreign companies.  A number of our lawyers are qualified arbitrators or former judges.
We provides comprehensive legal services in disputes involving foreign investment, local and international trade, maritime, finance, securities, dumping and subsidies, real estate, labor and tax matters, and various civil and criminal disputes.

The Firm offers the following services in relation to dispute resolution:

Representing clients before domestic tribunals in civil, commercial, criminal, and administrative matters, including trials, appeals, and mediation proceedings;

Representing clients before domestic arbitration panels in such matters as labor disputes, commercial disputes, and foreign-related matters;

Conducting solvency and asset investigations for clients, or participating in negotiations to resolve disputes;

Providing legal opinions on and applying to domestic courts for recognizing and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitration awards in China.
Our dispute resolution team is highly recognized for its ability to succeed in high-stakes, complex cases. Our expertise covers a broad array of practice areas, including real estate, investment, finance, securities, insurance, sales contract, products liability, patent, trademark, copyright, competition law and labor law. Our clients span virtually every major industry and sector, including real estate, financial services, information technology, media, healthcare, energy, consumer products, telecommunications and others.

We work with our clients from pre-litigation counseling through all appeals and enforcement to achieve the optimal results for our clients.
The team of lawyer and attorney is organized and managed by Tommy China Business Consulting, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, GuangZhou, HangZhou, XiaMen,NanJing,NingBo, Xi'an,ChongQing, Wuhan, Changsha and ChengDu.

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