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Foreign companies come in contact with the Chinese legal system the moment they decide to enter the Chinese market. Legal aspects must be considered in relation to enterprise formation, investment approval, real estate, human resources, environmental protection, Intellectual Property,and taxation.

International companies sometimes must resolve disputes with local companies or contractors. The Chinese legal system's structure might be perceived as an obstacle, Rapid changes in China's legal system require foreign companies operating in China to seek legal services of the highest quality. Through affiliates with china nationwide law firm with speciality in different field , we can protect your business interests in China.

Our team of  Chinese licensed attorneys, fluent in both English and Chinese, are ever ready to serve you in the most professional and proactive manner that you could expect

The team of lawyer is organized and managed by Tommy China Business Consulting, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, GuangZhou, HangZhou, XiaMen,NanJing,NingBo, Xi'an,ChongQing, Wuhan, Changsha and ChengDu.
We can provide litigation and non-litigation legal services in the areas including foreign direct investment, company operation, M&A, international taxation, civil litigation and dipute resolution, structuring of complex commercial transactions, technology licensing and intellectual property in the People's Republic of China.
Our practice team offers a broad range of legal services, including but not limited to the following:
  International Trade
  Intellectual Property
  Foreign Direct Investment in China
  Real Estate and Construction
  Securities & Capital investment
  Corporate regulation and organization
  Finance and Banking
  Merger and Acquisition
  Dispute Resolution

General Legal Counsel

Acting as general legal counsel for companies by providing legal advice on the issues involved in their  day-to-day business  operations, including  commercial contracts, labor law, labor service management, internal company management, trade, customs, foreign exchange, taxation, intellectual property, debt recovery, credit management, commercial investigation, real estate, insurance, finance, work place safety, environment protection, foreign employees' visa acquisition and entry-exit management.

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