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Labor and Employment

As China refines its labor and employment legislation, the relationship between employer and employee is constantly evolving. Understanding your obligations and rights can minimize conflicts and increase efficiency.
Avoiding litigation is a top priority for most employers, and our attorneys are experienced in providing advice and counseling that minimizes the risk of litigation. While the Firm frequently advises clients on preventive and cost-effective alternatives, civil litigation is an unavoidable reality in the business world and litigation defense is a significant part of our practice. When facing employment litigation, employers need fast, effective, and focused legal assistance

we help our clients to understand their legal obligations and to protect their interests. Our Labor and Employment Law Practice lawyers are experts in all aspects of the current regulatory environment. We ensure that our clients’ labor strategies conform to their overall strategic goals by ensuring both current and future regulatory compliance and strong, culturally aware internal labor management policies.
Through many years’ of experience in serving foreign invested companies and representative office of foreign companies, we found labor issues to be one of the most common but troublesome legal businesses in most companies. Although the cases are small in average, they will consume a lot of management’s energy. If dealt with improperly, not only a company’s normal course of business might be affected, but the social image of the company might be impaired as well. Lawyers of the Firm have gained a lot of experience dealing with labor issues through years’ services to our clients, and are very familiar with both national and local laws, regulations, policies, and rules. Through our efforts, our clients can largely reduce their costs on labor issues by taking initial measures against possible labor disputes and properly addressing disputes already existed.

Our services include drafting and reviewing of labor contracts, secrecy agreements, training agreements and internal rules of the employer; advising on human resources issues relevant to merger and acquisition, merger projects; offering consultations on social welfare system policies and assisting companies to set up and arranging own welfare policies; employment, training, etc, designing labor severance plan; negotiation, co-ordination, arbitration as well as litigation services regarding labor disputes.
Areas of Expertise:
· Drafting and negotiating individual and collective labor contracts, training agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements
· Preparing employee manuals and drafting company rules and regulations 
· Assisting in handling employee transfer, lay-offs and displacements in corporate acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring proceedings
· Advising on economic and other kinds of dismissal and lay-offs
· Advising on labor protection, work-related injuries and occupational disease 
· Advising in resolution of labor disputes

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