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Web Design & SEO

V Jack Network is the SEO division of Tommy China Business Consulting, a leading professional SEO company dedicated to bringing you targeted traffic to increase your visibility for your target keywords. We focus on delivering the best SEO services, highest results and rankings for every one of our worldwide client base. There are many international SME clients from mainland China (Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou). The three main categories of customers: Foreign-owned companies operating in China, Chinese local retailers and service firms (real estate companies, hotels, restaurants, schools etc.) and Chinese manufacturers and trading companies selling overseas, and International companies (US, Europe, Japan, Australia) We provide SEO service for both English and Chinese sites. Our aim is to become an integral part of your online business success by making SEO the most profitable and successful part of your online marketing strategy.

Search engine marketing must be an ongoing effort in today's dynamic and competitive business environment, therefore, we regard our customers as long-term partners and We are constantly engaged in researching our methods and advancing our search marketing techniques to ensure that we comply with the latest search engines algorithms and guidelines in the most effective manner.

Do you want marketing and selling products to China?

Are you ready to target the Chinese market?

Search Engine Optimisation in Chinese (Chinese SEO Service)

Within next few years, China will have the largest Internet users and most of them are not good in English. To get your website seen by them, you need to translate your website to Chinese, perform search engine optimization in Chinese so that you can acquire top search engine ranking across major search engines in China such as Google Chinese, Google Taiwan, Google HK, Yahoo China, Baidu, Sohu, and etc.

SEO for Baidu

Today there will be millions of Chinese searches performed on the Internet, many of them looking for exactly what you are selling. The process of getting your Chinese local website to the top of Baidu is known as Baidu search engine optimization (Baidu SEO). Baidu SEO has proven to be one of the most cost-effective forms of Chinese marketing available.

Baidu has a dominant market share in China. What works to rank high in international search engines like Google may or may not work in Baidu; it takes specific Chinese SEO experiences as well as Chinese language skills.

The algorithm in Baidu is not exactly the same as that of Google; however, our search engine optimization service take all Chinese search engines into consideration.

Western companies that begin to tap the Chinese online market now should see a sharp increase in their ROIs in the near future. We can provide you with everything necessary to enter the Chinese market, from website hosting in China, the required Chinese ICP licence, Chinese web design to Chinese SEO and internet marketing.

V Jack Network is professional website Design and Internet marketing company, Servicing clients worldwide. V Jack Network provide the custom website design, Website re-designs, web application development, ecommerce solutions, logo design, graphic design. Programming, Domain registration, Website Hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) etc....
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