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Accounting & Tax Compliance Service

With the further opening up of China, PRC accounting and tax schemes have been changed significantly along with the globalization. In year 2007, the Ministry of Finance issued the latest PRC General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to erase many discrepancies between the old GAAP and Internal Accounting Standard (IAS). In year 2008, with the effectiveness of new Corporate Income Tax law, the two income tax schemes for domestic and foreign enterprises respectively have been integrated and the different treatments for theses enterprises have been abolished. It deeply changed accounting and tax requirements for all investments in China. All companies in China, have to spend more time in consideration of accounting and tax requirements and corresponding affections along with the business development.

During the practical operating, many small and medium sized companies conclude that full time cashier and full time accountant cost a lot and create certain burden for operation. Meanwhile, as they might not be full occupied by works due to the limited work load. To be successful, any enterprise regardless its size often needs a financial and accounting expertise.Outsource your accounting project to us is the best solution to this problem
With Our professional accountanting service, clients can have the expertise they require when they require.

Our accountant could assist you and negotiating with your local officer to use the proper tax reporting method for your China presence. And submit the tax reports monthly and quarterly on your behalf.
The details of our services are set out below 

  • Update the books in accordance with the Chinese Accounting Standards
  • Prepare monthly financial statements for tax filing purpose and submit if applicable
  • File monthly Business Tax Return and Individual Income Tax Return
  • File Corporate Income Tax Return quarterly
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Filing
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Service
  • Audit of Financial Statements

 We provide you full-range of professional Accounting & Tax Compliance services and our consultants will guide you through in establishing accounting systems and understanding the accounting policies in China.
Our service cover Shenzhen, Hangzhou,Shanghai, Beijing Area


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