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Manufacturing Services

We have developed a highly qualified group of manufacturers in China that can easily produce your high quality products for you at a minimal cost.
For more than decades we have had the support of exceptional factories in China. These are well established and equipped factories, with highly trained engineering and management personnel, that produce the highest quality products, on time and on budget. We are very proud of this reputable manufacturer line up. We bring to the table our broad expertise and these resources so you can compete in the global marketplace against your largest competitors.
If you are a manufacturer and local manufacturing has become too costly, our team of experts stands ready to help. We can provide you with the tools, talent and supporting infrastructure that allows you to successfully manufacture your products in China. Working with us will ensure that no effort is spared, to avail you of the great direct and indirect benefits of China Manufacturing:


Manufacturing Outsourcing Services

 Aluminum Die Casting

  Auto Insertion
  Cable Assemblies
  Electro-mechanical Assemblies
  Cable & Wire Extrusion

Custom Connector Systems (Design & Mfg)
Medical, RF, I/O, Data

  Injection Molding

  Medical Devices (FDA 820)

Cable Assemblies
Component Design & Manufacturing

  Modular Adaptors & Accessories
  PCB Fabrication and Assembly

  RF/RFID Devices - Design and Manufacturing
  RFID Antenna Systems
  SCSI Adapters and Terminators
  Surface Mount Technology
  Stamped Metal Parts
  Turn-Key Manufacturing


Our electronic manufacturing service combines a solid background backed by many years of experience with a commitment to innovative PCB assembly solutions.

We consistently deliver on our promises of exceptional service and high quality PCB assembly including SMT, through-hole, and mixed technologies.

We offers full services from electronic design and prototype to full turnkey electronic production.

Whether your contract manufacturing needs include short run or long run capabilities, we are the solution. Our commitment to constant improvement through innovation contributes to our leading position in the market. That commitment carries through to your bottom line, as we keep your budget goals in focus.

We are a contract manufacturing service providing:

·         Lead and Lead-free circuit board assemblies

·         SMT, through hole assembling, engineering

·         Electro-mechanical assemblies, wire harness and box build

·         Domestic low to high volume, high-mix, electronics manufacturing

·         Mid to high volume offshore electronic contract manufacturing services

You can be confident in our electronic manufacturing service. Contact us now for your contract electronics manufacturing needs.


TCBC provides a full range of high quality electronics manufacturing and assembly services at competitive prices. From PCB fab to assembly, cables to injection molding, we offer everything you need to take your product from paper to production.

China is a country where almost anything can be cheaply manufactured. Unfortunately, finding factories that can do this reliably and at a high level of quality is a long and costly process which is often further complicated by communication difficulties. TCBC avoids these issues by employing project managers who understand the importance not only of quality, but also communication and customer service.

With years of manufacturing experience in China, TCBC has factories and a network of local partners allowing for quality, speed, and flexibility which our customers demand. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives the quality of our service.

Case study:

Precision Plastic Joint

Company X asked TCBC to find a supplier for a three-piece plastic joint for a new toy. We redesigned the joint and produced engineering drawings, based on the customer’s description of the desired product and a sample of a similar joint. We visited several factories with injection molding capabilities, and selected a qualified supplier. The customer accepted the quotation for tooling and the part price. We inspected the first articles and noted nonconformities. The supplier modified the molds, and sent modified samples. This process repeated itself four times before TCBC felt the joints were acceptable. Samples of the joints were sent to the customer, who gave unqualified approval. Company X placed an order for plastic joints, which were produced and shipped to their full satisfactio TCBC processed the order and handled all the export logistics for the customer who was able to receive the product without ever having to travel to China.

Ergonomic Bicycle Saddle

Company Y engaged TCBC’s services to redesign an existing product for the purpose of market expansion. We redesigned the product using 2D AutoCAD and 3D ProE design packages to optimize the design, based on discussions with the customer and a sample of the previous generation product. We identified and qualified suppliers for various components of the product. This complex product required metal machining, stamping, bending, plating, plastic injection molding, and polyurethane reaction injection molding. We are delivering the complete product to the customer as an OEM, by performing supplier management, quality control, final assembly, and shipping to the customer.


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