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Interpretation & translation

Good communication is essential to ensure business success.

We offer advanced level interpretation service on daily basis during meetings, negotiations, supplier visits and china business trip

The following is some of case study for our interpretation service:

2009 Interpretation for Online payment cooperation between Tencent corporation and Singapore HEKEY2ASIA PTE LTD

2009,Interpreting? for foreign business delegations and Chinese corporate executives on joint venture projects in China.

Mar 2008 Interpretation for Arrowhead system Ltd. Co (US) for joint-venture setup negotiation.
Mar 2008 Interpretation for Pinkerton Consulting and investigation (US) for Global annual meeting

Nov 2007 Interpretation for Interpretationfor Comet Feinfocus (Swiss) for X-ray equipement Exhibition

Oct 2007 Interpretation for Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc (US) for office setup meeting

Sept 2007 Interpretation for Turning point Garment Ltd.(Australia) for supplier visit

Jul 2007 Chinese representative to UNU-KNCU Global Seminar(Korea, Jeju Island)

Jun 2007 SPARX Asset Management(HK) for business visit

May 2007 Interpretaion for Jeffery Hessing (French Painter) for Shanghai Spring Art Festival

Apr 2006 Interpretation for ProGuardPlus S.L. (Spain) for Boat Exhibition

Apr 2006 Best Creativety of 14th L'Oreal Brandstorm Marketing Reward

Oct 2005 National Scholarship granded by China Education Ministry

Jun 2005-Jan 2006 Marketing Intern in GM China for Cadillac Brand

2004 Canton Trade Fair:
Interpreter for the GM of Reuver Outdoor Product Company from Holland.

2004 China International Fair of Investment & Trade (Xiamen):
Interpreter for Officers of Valencia Community Investment from Spain.

May 2004, Dafen Art Village:
Visited Chinese artists with the British artist of UK Art23.

2003, Xiamen stone event:
Interpreter for the Italian Stone Delegation, involved in meetings with suppliers, visited factories.

2003, Xiamen:
Visited suppliers with the owners of a Canadian Metal Rail Company.

2002, Xiamen:
Interpreter for the business meetings between a Canadian garment design company and a Chinese supplier.

2002 China International Fair of Investment & Trade (Xiamen):
Interpreter for Officers of Valencia Community Investment from Spain.

we works with a team of highly qualified professional translators specialized in certain fields, provides accurate translation services to businesses for both English to Chinese and Chinese to English
we'll cordially offer you the most competitive price, the most cost effective, professional and convenient translation service and guarantee a consistently excellent quality of translation in each of these various fields by making sure we assign every translation project to the most appropriate specialised team of highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors.

Document Translation
Translate any kind of documents (leaflets, brochures, business cards, user manuals, contracts, patents, correspondence, newsletters) into chinese.  We have translators all around china with many special areas of expertise.
Website Translation and Localization
Translate your site and you will reach more customers! Our experienced staff will manage the localization process for you. We can translate your website into chinese on the interrnet.
Our localization service produces a localized website which is 100% correct and reads naturally: it will seem as if the content was originally created in chinese language.

Business Scope: 
1. General items: legal documents, commercial contract and agreement, company introduction, product description, public bidding invitation for project, financial and economic analysis, accountant report, industrial and commercial administration, materials and documents for going abroad and literature writings, etc.
2. Scientific and technological documents: mechanism, automobile, electronics, computer, communication, aviation, chemical industry, petroleum, environment protection, architecture and medicine, etc.




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