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Human Resources

We offer our customers a wide range of value-added Human Resources services, offering headhunting, HR outsourcing, recruitment outsourcing and temporary staffing services to multinational corporations and international SME.

Our service covers many fields, such as IT correspondence, semiconductor, automobile, electron, real estate, machinery, finance, electrical appliances, energy, manufacture, chain-like business trade, calling center, logistics, etc.


HR outsourcing

HR outsourcing refers that enterprises transfer one or several internal HR works to a human resource outsourcing company who is more professional than themselves according to the needs of their own interests, in order to reduce labor cost and improve work efficiency.

For example, enterprises outsource a series of non-core personnel works , however, which are legal, businesslike, increasing miscellaneoussuch as “ Acting to sign labor contract and deal with disputation ”“ Agent entry and leaving procedures ”“ Pay social insurance ” , “Agent payment of salaries ” agent deduct personal income tax and declare tax to government ”,"Staff support and management" . In doing so, the human resources department can focus on strategic planning and development of internal human resources without influencing employees' consciences of belonging and loyalty to enterprises, and it is beneficial for enterprises to make for a deeper level in management development.

As a professional human resource company with mainland China cooperation network and good relationship with government, TCBC accumulates a cluster of experts who are skilled in personnel management, labor laws knowledge and labor disputation settlement. These experts have explored and practiced thoroughly HR outsourcing such a new mode of service in China for many years.

Effectively solving various problems in HR outsourcing, as well as protecting legitimate rights and interests for employees have not only bridged companies and employee mutual communication but also acquired TCBC customers' deep trust and acknowledgement in their long-term cooperation.


Recruitment outsourcing

Recruitment outsourcing refers to a recruiting process, in which enterprises consign their all or part of the work about recruiting and selecting talents to a third party a professional human resource company. And the professional human resource company takes his- own advantages in the fields of human resources, evaluation tools and process management to fulfill the recruitment.


Recruitment outsourcing usually was used by multinational companies. With more and more intense international competitions among enterprises, enterprises realize that it is hard to rely on only his-own human resource department to satisfy the recruitment needs. Recruitment outsourcing can not only fulfill normal need of talents for enterprise , but also transfer the HR Dept . from repetitive recruitment work. Enterprise’s HR department will focus on hr strategy and hr management which are more important. So recruitment outsourcing is gradually promulgated and playing an important role in China .


TCBC provides enterprise recruitment outsourcing at its actual needs. Taking our own advantage of professional recruitment team, diversified recruitment channels and high ability in recruitment, TCBC can provide enterprise rapid one-to-one service and search suitable talent s in much larger area . Adopting much more professional services make stronger persuasion in veracity , rationality and applicability of talent's role in enterprise.

Recruitment outsourcing benefit:

Meet enterprise's demands for large number and momentarily urgent employment.

Make enterprise acquire professional headhunting services at normal recruitment price.

Integrate human resources to reduce integrated cost of enterprise's recruitment.

Simplify enterprise's recruitment process and improve recruitment efficiency, and make enterprise acquire more professional services



Temporary staffing


Temporary staffing is a product of talent mark et development in China recent years. It is a novel mode which could be implemented in trans-region and trans-industry. HR agency supplies staff s to a required enterprise , and signs service agreement s and contracts separately with enterprise and the staffing , so as to define rights and obligations of all the three participants. During cooperation period, enterprise arranges the staffing job, and HR agency deals with the staff's general affairs such as register procedure and salary payment, etc. The labor relation is built only between HR agency and the staff, but not between the staff and enterprise.


As a professional HR company, TCBC has various channels and experiences in staffing to meet needs of enterprise who is in different development periods. TCBC provides manifold cooperation modes, efficient services and no litigious risk in its normative management to enterprises. The mode of staffing can promote fast development of enterprises.

Advantages of TCBC's service

1. Based on good background, solid assets, professional experience, exhaustive information and technical resources, TCBC could provide enterprise much more reliable and professional staffing service.

2. Staffing can meet enterprise's needs at multifarious levels and positions by various methods such as network recruitment , campus recruitment, newspaper advertisement, talent market recruitment, trade associations' recommendation  etc .

3. TCBC has abundant management experience in staffing, excellent management team and advanced information systems such as OA system, ERP systems, CRM systems, which can conduct all kinds of information efficiently and exactly and provide various service modes with quick & convenient cost settlement.


4 staffing service is in accordance with the relevant state laws ("Shenzhen economic zones talent mark et Regulations ", 2002) . TCBC has talent intermediate license, complete system and canonical operations, and accepts supervision and management from government departments . TCBC engages experienced financial professionals in Financial Holdings of The People's Bank of China Association to supervise financial work.



Headhunting, or Executive Searchrefers to a professional approach to recruit, search, track, select and recommend the talents hidden in various industries, TCBC develop a long-term strategic partnership with our clients placing mid-level to senior level positions.


Relying on a strong financial resource and capital platform, TCBC has been devoting to researching and development of headhunting for many years. TCBC has accumulated rich experience in the operations, and gathered a batch of outstanding HR consultants who are skilled in our concentrated areas during the long-term operation in mainland China. TCBC can provide suitable HR solutions and talents development counseling for different companies in various industries.


Our professional consultants bring years of industry experience and knowledge of particular issues facing our clients in each sector. They not only have related industries and well-known enterprises' experience background, but also obtain grand achievements in related profession. They are familiar with internal processes, can adequately understand Chinese and international enterprises' current situation and development prospects in their industries. We have advanced personnel evaluation system and a full range of employee background assessment system. We can utilize multiple interview skills proficiently and prescribe character, behavioral tendency, career interest, leadership ability, etc, of talents objectively.

Service promise

We emphasize in our experienced areas, research, track the distribution of the talented person, personnel changes and industry development in these areas, and develop with enterprises in depth together. We investigate the candidates omni-directionally and multi- angles, we are committed to openness and candor with our clients, candidates and each other.

Consulting services includes:

1Our extensive experience will help define the ideal candidate profile, determine how to attract the best people and decide what reward package fits the candidate as well as the client.

2 We will work closely with our client and place high-qualified candidates to meet the client's requirements. You will benefit from the success of such a strategy fundamentally depends upon the experience and professionalism of the Consultant working on its planning and research

3  We can enable enterprises to acquaint talents more transparently and comprehensively through our unique background investigations and assessment system.

4We can provide strong reserve talents for enterprise in our long-term strategic  cooperation. We also could provide personalized retaining scheme for enterprise separately according to characteristics of the hired person.

 Service Flow:

1 Negotiation: TCBC and clients discuss and identify needs of clients. TCBC e valuates needs of clients . TCBC provides searching plan to clients. TCBC and clients countersign contract and clients pay deposit.

2 Search: TCBC searches suitable candidates. TCBC evaluates and identifies candidates. TCBC provides evaluation report of the candidates to clients.

3 Clients Interviews: TCBC arranges face-to-face interviews for clients and candidates. Clients fix on suitable candidate. TCBC provides the report on background investigation of candidate. TCBC coordinates with both clients and candidates on term confirmation and assists candidate's registration.

4  Follow-up : Charge settlement Guarantee service






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