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China Business Trip Management

China is now second biggest economy, which make it an increasingly important manufacturing and trading hub for many international business travelers. It apprears that no organisation, company with international ambitions would afford not to be in China However, Busiess trip to china can be daunting for both inexperienced and seasoned travelers since it presents unique challenges and opportunities when compared to work-related visits to Western countries. China business trip has been an effective and efficient way for business executives and entrepreneurs to find china business opportunity, achieve their goal in sourcing/partnership, explore the huge Chinese Market, build connection with government officials, and gain more knowledge of Chinese culture

Our escorted china business trips provide a rare opportunity to meet with business community travel requirement. we will work with you to customize an eventful itinerary which are particularly tailored to meet your business interests and company goals. We provide in-depth services, including.


  • Draw up Itinerary for Business Trip to China
  • Greet and pick you up from the train station or airport
  • Translate and interpret all conversations
  • Arrange all transportation needed
  • Accompany you on factory tours and business meetings
  • Accompany you at exhibitions
  • Booking domestic flights and hotel accommodation if needed

We take care of all your business travel arrangements by offering first class business travel management, leaving you to take care of your business.

Car rental + interpretation serivce within The Pearl River Delta
Long distance trip to ShenZhen neighboring cities and industrial parks
Airport pick-up & drop-off.
Train Station pick-up & drop-off.
Hongkong Border pick-up & drop-off.
Louhu check point, Huanggang Check Point Pick up & Drop off 
SheKou Ferry Terminal Pick-Up & Drop-Off  
Airport Ferry Terninal Pick-Up& Drop-Off

We offer Car rental + interpretation serivce within The Pearl River Delta, which is one of
most dynamic business region in china. The Pearl River Delta and it's major cities Shenzhen,Guangzhou and Dongguan is the largest manufacturing region in China. To get around in this area, Car rental service is essential.

We have various vehicles for lease in Shenzhen  sedan, mini van, bus etc. Our car rental services are all come with our drivers, this makes your life in Shenzhen a lot easier. We only provide reliable driver with professional drive skills, and the car that you lease will be at first rate condition. We don't risk your safety with a bad drive or poor maintained vehicle. For drivers which can't speak English during the trip, we requests them call our helpline ASAP and our customer services staff will help to solve the language barrier problem within seconds. Furthermore, you can hire a Chinese interpreter to escort you during business trip. As very little English is spoken in Guangdong we find that many business visitors tend to remain in or within walking distance of their hotels, forgoing the opportunity to see many of the great aspects of Guangdong. Our friendly English Speaking Guides can assist with shopping and bargaining, accompany you to restaurants to assist with ordering and recommend the best places to dine, socialize and relax while you are here.

To rent a car in Shenzhen, please send your brief requirements mentioned below, we will reply you back very soon.

1.  Any specific vehicle that you are going to lease?

2.  For the daily use: Your company's address? Your home street name? [ To get this information is only for arrange specific driver]

3.  For how long the daily driver service will be?

4.  Additional requests? For instance, driver should work from Monday to Saturday etc.

5.  How soon do you need our car rental (with a driver) service in Shenzhen

For your enquiries, we will carefully assess the options; consider what is feasible within your expectation.

We also can create a customized package - whether you have a group that needs specific vehicles at several locations


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