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About Us
Tommy China Business Consulting
Tommy China Business Consulting Provides practical assistance to International SME establishing and expanding business in China.We also provide business opportunities, expert trade advice and support

the companies to internationalize and grow their business in China.We have established good relationship with a number of law firms, accounting firm, headhunting companies, office renting agents and corporate service agent in major cities in china. We also have built up good relationship with suppliers in different industries, such as injection molding, imitation jewelry, Consumer electronic and stationery factories These relationships together with our international business and project management expertise enable us quickly to assemble the best project team to address our clients varied needs and efficiently to provide clients with seamless china business service. To be successful in China requires more than just a great product. It requires a strategy developed for China, a thorough understanding of the market, the right contacts and commitment to doing business in Chinese way. TCBC provides you with these competitive advantages for success .

TCBC provides solutions to international small and medium-sized
enterprises entering or growing in China.
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